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DSI’s Westbury® Aluminum Railing Recognized as The Industry’s Highest Quality Railing Product

Digger Specialties Inc. (DSI) manufactures a variety of building products highlighted by its Westbury® brand of Aluminum Railing. DSI was founded in 1983 and has focused on the development of innovative building products. Today, the Westbury Aluminum Railing brand is the United States industry leader in the aluminum railing product category.

Builder Magazine’s newly released 2022 Builder Brand Study recognized Westbury® Aluminum Railing as the highest quality product in the Deck Railing Category. Westbury Aluminum Railing is the perfect railing system to enhance any deck or porch where wood, composite, or PVC deck boards are used.  Westbury Railing offers important advantages over other railing materials including durability, low maintenance, ease of installation, and distinctive appearance.  DSI’s proprietary 10 step powder coating process provides for long lasting finishes that are resistant to the elements.

The Westbury Aluminum Railing product line is the most extensive in the industry. Westbury VertiCable® cable railing and Veranda glass railing systems are designed to offer unobstructed views. Tuscany, Riviera, and Montego railing designs provide distinctive profiles for classic to contemporary elegance. For those who wish to have the benefits of aluminum railing but want screened in spaces, Screenrail presents a perfect option.  Westbury Aluminum Railing systems are available in an industry leading 12 standard colors with the option to obtain custom colors through special order.  Both smooth and textured surfaces are available.  All Westbury Railing systems are covered by DSI’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.


DSI Westbury Aluminum Railing systems are superior to other railing materials. Aluminum railing is rapidly replacing wood, composite, vinyl, and other metal railing products in the marketplace.  Wood railing is heavy and can warp and buckle and needs to be repeatedly painted or stained.  Aluminum railing is more durable than vinyl railing and is easier to maintain.  Composite railing systems are more complicated, more expensive, and difficult to install than aluminum deck and porch railing. Unlike steel railing, aluminum railing will not rust and is much lighter in weight making it easier to handle and install.

Westbury Aluminum Railing systems are engineered to save both time and labor during the installation process of deck railing, porch, or balcony installations.  Westbury railing can be assembled with no predrilling of screws and is further enhanced with a specially designed leveling feature on the posts to speed installation.  Westbury VertiCable railing also comes in pre-assembled sections.  Those features combined with the lightweight properties of aluminum offer important advantages over other railing systems.


In addition to the superior strength and durability of Westbury Aluminum Railing systems, DSI utilizes a meticulous 10-step powder coating system during the process of coating aluminum railing components. The powder coating process that results in a finished Westbury Aluminum Railing system includes the following:

  • Step 1: The raw premium grade aluminum is inspected to be free of blemishes and is not exposed to the outdoor elements
  • Step 2: Aluminum components enter a heated cleaning process to remove debris and oils
  • Step 3-6: Aluminum components are cleaned with a city water rinse, a recycled reverse osmosis water rinse, a pure reverse osmosis water rinse, and sealed with a dried-in-place aluminum sealer
  • Step 7-8: A 200 MPH air blast removes water drops from the pre-treated aluminum followed by a dry-off process in a convection oven
  • Step 9: Powder is applied with 18 automated and 2 manual spray guns. Compressed process air is dried to -35º Dew Point for superior adhesion
  • Step 10: The powder coating is then bonded and adhered to the aluminum components in a 400-degree cure stage

DSI is the only aluminum railing manufacturer whose powder coating process is Powder Coating Institute (PCI) 4000 certified and meets the stringent specifications to be verified AAMA Compliant.  The result is a low maintenance deck railing system that provides a lasting color fast finish backed by DSI’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Westbury Aluminum Railing systems are designed to provide stunning beauty, unmatched durability, and a broad spectrum of styles and designs.  Westbury Aluminum Railing is available at many lumberyards and home centers throughout the U.S. To receive a FREE Aluminum Color Selector and Westbury Product Packet or for more information about Westbury Aluminum Railing visit the DSI website.

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