ECi Announces Release of RockSolid MAX Software

Fort Worth, Texas—ECi Software Solutions today announced the release of RockSolid MAX™ software, a product developed specifically for small-to-medium sized hardware ECI-logostores, home centers and smaller LBM businesses. Residing in the cloud, RockSolid MAX will free-up small businesses from having to purchase and maintain servers and required software; this will allow system owners to focus resources on growing their businesses while ECi manages their software, data backups, data security, software updates, administration and disaster recovery. Built around a unique document management system, RockSolid MAX lets operations be as paperless as desired.

The RockSolid software emphasis is on automation and simplification of point-of-sale, inventory, purchasing, vendor EDI communications, accounting and reporting for small dealers so they can devote more time to customer service, are able to make informed business decisions, and can ultimately grow their operations. With its easy to use interface, most stores are usually up and running on the RockSolid MAX software in just a matter of days. In addition to the standard RockSolid automation tools, RockSolid MAX also features advanced mobile applications, an import wizard, advanced special-order management, the ability to sell items using multiple units of measure, integration with Crystal Reports software, and many of the multi-store features found in ECi’s larger systems.

In addition, RockSolid MAX has mobile functionality via RockSolid MAX AnyWare, a mobile application that allows the ability to conduct business on the go, in the store or warehouse, on a tradeshow floor or anywhere with wireless Internet or cellular access.

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“One of the most significant aspects of the cloud delivery of RockSolid MAX is that it enables the small dealer to leverage advanced point-of-sale and business management software in a very cost-effective manner,” said John Maiuri, President of ECi’s Building & Construction Division. “By accessing the system over the Internet, the requirement to purchase a server and related software is eliminated, which greatly reduces the initial upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs. This in turn enables our customers to concentrate on using their investment in technology to improve customer service and grow their businesses. Moreover, all RockSolid MAX users will always have the most current version of the software, as updates are automatic and managed by ECi. This makes cutting-edge technology that fosters competition with the big boxes available to even the smallest of operations.”

“The RockSolid MAX conversion went far more smoothly than any of the previous software conversions we have done,” said Ralph Beisler, President, Railroad Avenue Supply Co. “This is largely due to the support we received from the team at RockSolid. We love the new system for several reasons: daily backups are not needed because it is cloud based, invoices and statements can be emailed, and we save a lot of paper because of signature capture at point of sale.”

Source: ECi