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Elevate Your Business: Mastering the Sales Transition from Vinyl to Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding and Trim

As contractors increasingly recognize the superior quality, durability and aesthetic curb appeal of Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim over exterior vinyl products, many LBM dealers are eager to help customers make the transition. Here are four tips dealers can use to help their teams sell to customers looking to make the switch from vinyl cladding to Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim:

  1. Master Installation Techniques: Transitioning to a different exterior cladding requires mastering new installation techniques – and equipping your sales team with the know-how to effectively promote and sell fiber cement siding and trim is crucial for successful transitions. Connect with your Weyerhaeuser Distribution representative to arrange on-site training sessions that are supported by James Hardie installation specialists. By investing the time needed for comprehensive training for your sales team, you ensure they can confidently communicate the unique value of fiber cement cladding, facilitate smoother conversions, and meet contractor expectations with ease.
  2. Utilize In-market Sales Support: Leverage the comprehensive sales support offered by Weyerhaeuser Distribution and James Hardie sales representatives to boost your conversion efforts. Collaborate with your in-market reps to identify and target up-and-coming neighborhoods where fiber cement siding will be in high demand, especially in areas where vinyl siding may be restricted by local HOAs. Neighborhoods with prevalent repair and remodel projects are target-rich opportunities for conversion, too. Collaborating with distribution partners will differentiate your sales team and attract contractors seeking high-quality fiber cement solutions.
  3. Highlight Profitability and Customer Satisfaction: Train your team on how to share the financial advantages of adopting Hardie® siding and trim. Through compelling storytelling, backed by real-life case studies and testimonials, your sellers will not only showcase their deep understanding of the Hardie® brand but also highlight the remarkable potential for increased profitability and satisfied customers. By aligning your sales messaging with the undeniable success stories of past Hardie® product adopters, you’ll instill unwavering confidence in your team and capture prospective contractors. 
  4. Program Support for the Win: If aligning themselves with America’s #1 brand in siding isn’t reason enough to make the conversion, encourage your sellers to promote the James Hardie Contractor Alliance® Program. This comprehensive contractor program offers more than twice the business-building solutions of competitive siding companies and supports contractors with marketing tools, lead generation opportunities, and training on everything from in-home sales to installation.

Transitioning customers from vinyl to Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim presents a lucrative opportunity for building material dealers to elevate business models and drive growth. By focusing on mastering installation techniques, leveraging your in-market Weyerhaeuser Distribution and James Hardie sales support, highlighting profitability and customer satisfaction, plus promoting contractor incentives – your sales team can successfully navigate the conversion process and position themselves as the leaders in providing exceptional fiber cement siding and trim solutions.

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