Fast Set Polyurethane Construction Adhesive


Fast Set eliminates the waste and mess when adhesive continues to extrude or run on from the cartridge in the moments following application. The drool-free feature is noteworthy because other construction adhesives – especially those that are polyurethane-based – characteristically produce after-flow.

Titebond has put a stop to wasteful, messy adhesive drool with the introduction of its new Fast Set Polyurethane Construction Adhesive.

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After developing what the company believes to be the highest-performing polyurethane construction adhesive on the market, Titebond set out to ensure it would not drool from the cartridge between applications. The result: Fast Set adhesive stops flowing from the cartridge the instant the contractor stops squeezing the caulk gun’s trigger.

Contractors welcome the no-drool solution – for good reason. Adhesive that continues to extrude or run on from the cartridge in the moments following application can be messy and wasteful. It’s a time-consuming hassle to clean up, and users must set the cartridge and cartridge gun somewhere safe between applications to eliminate risk of damage to materials. What’s more, wasted adhesive is money down the drain. Contractors can see just how much money they are wasting on adhesive drool with Titebond’s online tool, the Fast Set Savings Calculator.

The no-drool feature gives Fast Set a competitive edge against other construction adhesives (especially polyurethane-based products), which typically produce drool or “after flow,” says Titebond’s vice president of marketing, Mark Schroeder.

“We’re amazed at market response to drool-free Fast Set,” said Schroeder, “Yes, contractors like the fact that Fast Set can bond just about anything on the job site, fast. But the drool-free capability seals the deal for them. They detest after-flow and are thrilled to finally have a high-performance construction adhesive that eliminates all that hassle and waste.”

The drool-free feature adds value to what is already a superior construction adhesive. Fast Set bonds virtually all types of building materials – from masonry to marble, plastic to plywood, metal to foam board, mirror to drywall, slate to lead – and is the only adhesive technology to bond two non-porous substrates together.

Fast Set also is aptly named. It begins building strength quickly while offering one hour of working time to reposition assembled pieces without compromising bond quality. After one hour, the bond will continue to gain strength and by morning will have cured into a flexible, waterproof bond that will not shrink or crack. Because It extrudes in temperatures down to 32°F and bonds wet and frozen materials, contractors can use it year-round on exterior projects.

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