Fayetteville, N.C. Lumberyard Seeks Donations for Employees Affected by Flooding

Fayetteville flooding
Photo courtesy of Park’s Building Supply & Interiors


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C — A week after Hurricane Matthew struck North Carolina, many are still dealing with both damage from the storm as well as the deluge of water that has followed.

At Park’s Building Supply & Interiors, Executive Vice President Fred Lund said their lumberyard is fortunate to have been spared, having lost just a small amount of inventory at the business’s 11-acre location. The yard’s employees, however, are in a far worse situation.

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In Fayetteville, N.C., where Park’s is located, about 16 inches of rain fell throughout the storm, Lund said. That was on top of 14 inches the week prior.

“We’re still recovering from that,” he said. “We have roads washed out, dams breached.”

Some of Park’s employees still can’t get to their homes, Lund said. Others, as well as vendors and customers, are dealing with standing water. Many do not have flood insurance to cover the damages.

“Some of these folks still have 10 feet of water inside their homes,” he said.

Lund is taking up collections for employees and their families and is also directing Park’s Building Supply’s efforts to contribute toward community restoration.

“Right now, the first point of contact for us is to take care of our employees. Once we’ve taken care of them, then their immediate families and from there we’re working with our customers to identify those who have been affected.”

Lund added that Park’s Building Supply & Interiors is also partnering with a local homebuilder’s association and will contribute to Habitat for Humanity efforts as well.

When those helping are also those affected is when the true community effort shines through, Lund said. He shared the story of a truck driver for a vendor who had delivered a load of new doors and said that half of the profit he was making from the delivery would go to help flood victims. When Lund asked the driver how his own home fared in the storm, the driver said he didn’t know yet. He still couldn’t get there because of 8 feet of standing water.

“He’s doing this all with no regard for himself,” Lund said. “We’ve been through hurricanes before. They come and they go, and we try to get through to the repair process. This one is taking too long.”

Lund is collecting donations for employees of Park’s Building Supply & Interiors. Immediate needs include canned goods, clothing, footwear and cash donations. To donate, contact Fred Lund at 910-709-0363 or flund@parksbuilding.com.