Feeney DesignRail Panel Infill

Feeney.DesignRail Panel Infill

Feeney’s DesignRail Panel Infill is said to significantly expand design potential for exterior and interior spaces. Options include stainless steel wire mesh panels, laser cut aluminum panels, and resin panels with embedded materials such as rice grass and leaves (for interiors). Available for 36″ and 42″ railing heights, the infills can be mixed-and-matched with other DesignRail infill types—including CableRail, glass, vertical cable and pickets—and are compatible with all DesignRail top rail styles and with Feeney Post Accent Lights. The laser cut panels can be powder coated in any DesignRail color or custom color. The infills are developed  to fit easily into the pre-engineered DesignRail frame and are surrounded on all sides with a low-profile aluminum channel, which is said to provide a streamlined appearance with minimal transition from panel to frame. For the stainless steel wire mesh panels, components are fully isolated to prevent contact among dissimilar metals. The panels can be customized to meet almost any design specification. www.feeneyinc.com

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