Feeney Introduces Lag and Pivot Fittings

feeney-lag-and-pivot-fittingsFeeney, Inc.’s new lag and pivot fittings for the company’s CableRail system promote ease of installation for composite wrapped or sleeved wood posts

Feeney, Inc. will unveil solutions for installing CableRail stainless steel railing infill into composite sleeved or wrapped wood posts. The solutions feature Feeney’s Quick-Connect® lag and pivot fittings, which are designed for easy CableRail installation on wood, composite wrapped or sleeved wood posts or decorative wood wrapped posts, and will be available in March 2016.

“As the composite decking market continues to grow, our partners and customers are looking for ways to use CableRail on composite sleeved and wrapped posts,” says Andy Penny, vice president of marketing and advertising. “The ease of installation and versatility of the lag and pivot fittings gives Feeney a strong edge.”

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The Quick-Connect® lag and pivot fittings are easy to use. Just insert the cable end into the fitting and the embossed Quick-Connect® jaws grab and automatically lock in place. No crimping or hard-to-use compression tools are required. The fittings screw directly into the face of a post or wall, which makes them the perfect solution for projects requiring an inside-to-inside connection.

In addition, the pivot fitting can toggle up to 180 degrees making it ideal for stairs and other angled installations. Both fittings come in a fixed version, with no tensioning capability, and an adjustable swivel turnbuckle version that enables builders, contractors and other design-build professionals to simply rotate the turnbuckle body to easily tension the cables.

Learn More: http://www.feeneyinc.com/Architectural/CableRail

Information provided by Feeney, Inc.

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