Feeney VisualBuilder deck and railing design tool

Available for desktop and mobile applications, Feeney’s VisualBuilder offers an interface that enables users to create their own deck from scratch or use one of seven pre-built templates as a starting point. The deck can then be customized to fit the user’s specifications. Decks can be viewed in either 2D or 3D representations, and features such as click-and-drag sizing tools and “smart” icons are included to make it easy to change dimensions, add stairs and additional tiers, and modify the shape of the deck. Users can choose from a variety of deck materials and add walls, windows and doors to replicate the facade of a home or commercial building. A short video tutorial guides first-time users through the online deck design process. In addition, users can take snapshots of their completed deck project and save, edit and share the designs, as desired. feeneyinc.com/visualbuilder

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