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FineLine Weld Redefines the Standard

Most U.S. manufacturers use a traditional welding process to join vinyl window corners. This method can create a wide, unsightly joint where the corners meet that must be cleaned and touched up. No matter how careful manufacturers are to minimize the appearance of this gap, it’s still visible (as shown in the image below). ProVia’s FineLine weld technology eliminates this issue and enhances the aesthetics of the corner without these secondary cleaning and finishing processes, resulting in a neat, seamless appearance and enhanced fit and finish to Endure windows and patio doors (below, right). This unique welding process redefines the standard of an extruded vinyl frame and sash.

Without FineLine and With FineLine

Following several years of development, ProVia is the first building products manufacturer to bring this new welding technology to the U.S. market for vinyl windows. With this process, Endure windows and patio doors deliver a high standard of craftsmanship and quality to the market. FineLine technology is now the standard for Endure woodgrain laminated windows and patio doors, and available as an upgrade for white, beige and sandstone finishes. The welding procedure is done on both the interior and exterior sash and frame, for a clean appearance inside and out.

On woodgrain options, the FineLine weld produces a delicate, smooth line and achieves a picture-frame quality finish reminiscent of handcrafted woodworking.

White, beige and sandstone color frames and sashes achieve a clean and subtle line, devoid of any welding slag or bulge that can mar the appearance of the sash.

Endure vinyl windows and patio doors perform exceptionally well, providing protection against rotting, cracking, pitting, corroding and peeling, ensuring long-lasting color retention and weatherability. ProVia uses an on-site lab to test products for air leakage, water penetration resistance, and structural integrity to ensure a premium quality window or patio door that meets or exceeds ASTM and AAMA A440 standards.

Provia Endure patio door with FineLine
Endure patio door with FineLine

FineLine Technology is available through ProVia dealers and distributors. To learn more, visit

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