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Five Questions with: Roderick Kabel, Deckwise

Roderick Kabel Deckwise
Roderick Kabel


Roderick Kabel is the marketing director at DeckWise. His LBM sales and marketing career has focused on developing and managing businesses growth to be prosperous, effective, and efficient. His professional motivations show an extensive history in B2B & B2C markets.


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Q:Concerns over supply chain issues and product shortages have dominated headlines for the past couple of years. How is DeckWise working to keep products on retailers’ shelves?

A: Over the last few years, we (just like everyone) have felt the pains of raw material shortages and shipping holdups. We foresaw that we needed to revamp our purchasing processes and began placing multiple and long-lasting POs for materials. That didn’t eliminate headaches and small shortages, but it did allow us time to be proactive and keep our deck building products moving to our dealers and distributors.

Q:As labor issues spread deck builders thin, many turn to their dealers for product recommendations that can get more work done with fewer employees. How can DeckWise products help increase productivity?

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A: What DeckWise offers for faster installations is our Hardwood Wrench board straightening tool. This is an American made hardcore wrench that bends warped hardwood boards and composite boards into place with one hand. Because it uses a rotating cam, it can lock in place. This feature allows the builder to install Ipe Clips hands free—with no need for a chisel burrowing into the joist prying the board straight. Most notably, this frees up laborers to work elsewhere on a deck project making the entire job more efficient and profitable.

Q:The WiseRail cable railing system is yet another addition to the DeckWise portfolio that enhances outdoor living areas. What are some other deck accessories that retailers can carry?

A: Yes, WiseRail is a 1/8″ stainless steel cable railing kit system utilizing pre-swaged fittings. It’s very clean and sleek when installed on decks. It really is beautiful! As for other deck accessories, our patented deck board spacers are a must have for every deck builder. These spacers provide the perfect board spacing for any deck build with any decking material. No matter the preferred gap size, we have you covered with five gap sizes to choose from making any deck, perfectly spaced.

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Q:Many homeowners believe that composite decking products greatly outlive their wood competitors. How can retailers help convey the longevity of hardwood decking?

A: Hardwoods are in a decking niche that is only about 15% of the decking market, and hardwoods are not always in a deck builder’s vocabulary, or wheelhouse. Composites boast of a low maintenance and easy installation, making them the go-to for builders looking to bang out as many decks as possible each year.

Besides, composite decking companies strive to mimic the look and durability of hardwood decking. In considering the timeline of the two materials, composite decking has had some major shortcomings to its longevity and colorfastness. Whereas hardwoods have been used in decking for decades and have proven to be the optimum choice for long-lasting decking material. The fact is that hardwoods can easily last 25 or more years and often outlive composite decking.

Q:From clips to sealers and even epoxy, DeckWise has continually developed new products for the decking and outdoor living space. What products can dealers expect to see in the future from DeckWise?

A: This year we launched our Ipe Oil Plus Hardwood Finish formula which adds more protective features for those with harsh weather in their area. Our WiseBond Epoxy has exploded on the market after only being out there a short time. We continue to formulate and advance our epoxy technologies with new and innovative ways for woodworkers and artisans to make unique furniture. DeckWise hopes to bring a few other new and improved products to market soon in 2022. Stay tuned!

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