FootingPad Post Footers from AG-CO

Build faster by replacing concrete post footers. FootingPad brand post foundations help your customers build faster by replacing concrete footers for any post-in-the-ground structure such as decks, porches, post-frame buildings, etc. No special equipment needed and no concrete. No need to haul concrete and wait for it to set. These patented composite (recycled polypropylene and fiberglass) footers are IRC and IBC code compliant and certified by the International Code Council. Installation is simple:  Dig the post hole as normal, lay FootingPad in the bottom, place your post and backfill. Every footer does the same thing, spreading the weight supported by the post over a larger surface area. The ribbed design gives FootingPad more strength than the underlying soil, ensuring no sinking or settling. Five sizes are available, with the largest at 24” diameter, supporting over 9,300 lbs per footer.  (Paid placement)

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