Fourth generation Engquist Lumber celebrates 125 years

Engquist Lumber
Photo courtesy Jesse Major, Fort Dodge Messenger
Scott Engquist, owner of Engquist Lumber Co. in Harcourt, welcomes guests as they arrive to celebrate the lumberyard’s 125th anniversary.

Engquist Lumber, of Harcourt, Iowa, celebrated its 125 year anniversary earlier this month. According to the company’s website, Engquist Lumber Co. was started in 1890 by Olaf Engquist, a farmer who recognized a need for building products in the Harcourt area.

A fourth-generation company, Engquist Lumber was passed down to Lawrence Engquist in 1917, Robert Engquist in 1941 and now is now run by Scott Engquist, who purchased it in 1981. Engquist has expanded and now serves lumber and building materials across Central Iowa.

In a Fort Dodge, Iowa Messenger News story, Scott Engquist talked about changes the company has seen over the years. They now provide computer-aided drafting services and have improved their delivery area.

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“We’re under the same family ownership for 125 years, so that’s a neat deal,” Scott Engquist told the Messenger News at the company’s anniversary celebration. “We’re pretty proud of that fact.”

“Our local and area farmers are good customers for us,” Scott told the Gowrie News and Dayton Review. “And our building contractors, often working with farmers, businesses and residents, are the biggest customers we have.”