Fypon Launches Second Annual National Curb Appeal Month in August

3 C’s of Curb Appeal
Homeowners wishing to increase the curb appeal of their homes should follow the “3 C’s of Curb Appeal” identified by Fypon—keeping home exteriors clean, clutter-free and colorful.

“During National Curb Appeal Month we recommend that people focus on yearly cleaning of siding, windows, concrete pavement and other elements of the home exterior,” says Rogers. “It’s also a great time to de-clutter the front of the home by trimming bushes, removing weeds and dead shrubs, taking away excessive yard art and making sure children’s toys are put in the garage or behind the house.”

For tips on adding color to the home exterior, Fypon offers advice shared by color expert Kate Smith of Sensational Color.

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“Strategically placed ‘pops of color’ on a home exterior can make a huge difference in creating positive curb appeal,” says Smith. “Whether it’s window boxes filled with bright red geraniums or trim pieces in a striking deep green, colorful accents can really help a home stand out in the neighborhood.

“My advice is to add ‘top down’ color to the home to gain a cohesive and appealing exterior. Start with the roof color, then work your way down to the siding, trim, doors and landscaping. The colors should all complement each other. Even if you have a sedate color scheme, there’s nothing wrong with shaking up a home with a warm, welcoming color on shutters and colorful landscaping.”

Smith, who authored the free e-books “FRESH Home Exterior Colors” and “FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior,” recommends that homeowners look at millwork and trim pieces as a primary way add color to a home exterior.

“Want to get your home noticed?” asks Smith. “Then add color to your louvers, shutters, brackets and mouldings. Paint them in a color that accents your home’s siding and you’ll really grab attention!”

Synthetic Curb Appeal Pieces
Lightweight Fypon pieces are ideal for adding curb appeal to the home. The company specializes in the production of low-maintenance trim including polyurethane window and door trim pieces, shutters, mouldings and decorative items. Porch posts, balustrade rail systems and louvers, column wraps and trellis systems are also available.

“An appealing aspect of curb appeal is adding products to the home exterior that require minimal long-term care,” says Rogers. “With synthetic Fypon products, homeowners get durable pieces that are visually appealing and easy to paint, while resisting rot, decay, moisture and insects.”

Tips for Adding Curb Appeal
As part of National Curb Appeal Month, experts at Fypon offer their top five tips for enhancing the exterior of the home:

1. Make your entryway more welcoming with an elegant door surround. Start with fluted pilasters on either side of the door and then top the door with a decorative pediment — try a rams head, sunburst, acorn or peaked cap style.

2. Replace a rotting wooden porch system with a new structural balustrade system which includes porch posts, top and bottom rails, balusters and all the other pieces essential to create a great, weather-resistant porch.

3. Trim out exterior windows. Use crossheads for over a window and top with a solid, decorative or recessed panel keystone accent piece. On the sides and below the window, use moulding pieces with plinth blocks in the corners to eliminate miter cuts.

4. Replace older, rotting wooden louvers with low-maintenance polyurethane louvers. Functional louvers have a noncorrosive fiberglass screen backing to help keep insects out while allowing maximum airflow and ventilation to enter the attic.

5. Flank windows with easy-care polyurethane shutters. Choose from a selection of paintable white and stainable timber woodgrain shutter styles to complement any home exterior.

Source: Fypon

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