Fypon Releases Two New Decorative Beam Designs

fypon_logoFypon has added two new styles, Hand-Hewn and Rough-Sawn, to its line of faux woodgrain beams. Designed to add a rustic touch to ceilings, the polyurethane beams offer an authentic Arts and Crafts appearance with less installation time and at a fraction of the cost of wood timber beams.

The new Hand-Hewn option features heavy adz marks, which mimic the labor-intensive and artistic shaping of a beam when a tree is freshly felled and squared by hand with an axe. Rough-Sawn is a more refined style with a subtle texture similar to that created by a circular blade; it appears smooth from far away, but upon closer look reveals depth of character. Both products come in three sizes: 4” x 6”, 6” x 8”, and 8” by 10”.

Rough Sawn Cedar
Rough Sawn

“The Hand-Hewn and Rough-Sawn textures are ideal for creating a natural look and feel indoors but without the installation hassles or upkeep,” said Mike Majsek, Director of Sales and Marketing for Fypon. “With the robust appearance of handcrafted timber, the beams lend an authentic touch for builders and remodelers seeking a country or Arts and Crafts ambiance.”

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The two new textures join the existing Tahoe and Mesa beam styles, which now come in an additional 4” x 6” size ideal for smaller rooms.

In addition, all beam styles are now available in 2’ increments from 8’ to 24’ long (with the exception of the Mesa 10” x 15”, available only in a 19-1/2’ length), in response to customer requests for longer options that match traditional wood products.

Hand Hewn
Hand Hewn

The beams are simple to install: Place chalk lines where mounting blocks will be installed, and screw mounting blocks to the ceiling. Then attach beams with construction adhesive on the top edges and fasten to both sides of mounting blocks with screws or nails; blend seams with wood filler or cover with Fypon’s new decorative beam straps. The straps come in a hammered or smooth texture and are made to fit any beam style.

Download the full Fypon beam catalog to view the whole collection.

Source: Fypon

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