GAF Cobra® IntakePro™ Rooftop Intake Vent

Airflow-diagram_modified2Contractor-Friendly Solution for Intake Venting

Many homes in North America have inadequate attic ventilation systems, which can often be attributed to the lack of proper attic intake ventilation – and without proper intake ventilation, attic ventilation systems can be rendered useless. GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, offers a variety of ventilation solutions, including the new Cobra® IntakePro Rooftop Intake Vent.

A smart choice for homeowners, the Cobra® IntakePro™ Rooftop Intake Vent promotes energy efficiency and helps guard against roof system rot, ice damming, and mildew growth. It can also improve attic ventilation airflow by up to 20% when installed with existing soffit/undereave vents in a properly balanced ventilation system.*

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As with all GAF products, the Cobra® IntakePro Rooftop Intake Vent also reduces hassles for roofing contractors. Proper intake ventilation can be complicated and expensive due to a home’s architecture, and may require roofing contractors to do carpentry work. This new vent eliminates the need for time-consuming alterations at the soffit, rolls out and fastens with included 1 ¾“ coil nails, and offers both versatility and durability.  It’s also fully tested to withstand wind-driven rain, snow, and ice-dam infiltration.**

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* Based on GAF ASHRAE airflow testing at 5 mph wind speed

** Under controlled GAF laboratory testing

Information provided by GAF