Getting Started with Google AdWords

You have noticed that your competition has begun advertising on Google. Concerned about missing out on any customers who may discover you online, your company decides to build an online advertising presence.

To utilize cost-effective, online tools to supplement traditional marketing and advertising techniques.

Whether you’re looking to bring in new visitors, grow online sales or get the phones ringing, Google AdWords can be an effective tool. Getting started with AdWords is relatively easy. Most advertisers set up their own accounts by going to clicking the “Start Now” button. If setting up your own account is a little out of your comfort zone, you can request that a Google AdWords account specialist set up your account for free, as long as you agree to spend a budget of at least $10 per day throughout the ad campaign.

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Before setting up your campaign, consider the following questions and have responses at hand. This will help prepare you for a successful campaign.

  • Who is your target audience? Whether you are targeting builder customers or end-user consumers can have an effect on which search terms you use to set up your campaign.
  • What words do they search to find your product or service? An example: A homeowner searching for composite decking might not even understand what that means. To a consumer, they might search “deck products” or “build a deck.” Your builder customers, however, will likely search for more specific terms such as “composite decking” or even search for a specific brand.
  • Where are they located? You want to make sure that consumers who are in your area and are searching for products find you. Unless you are selling products online, it isn’t helpful if you have set your search parameters so broad that someone from outside of your market finds you.
  • How are they likely to contact me? Be sure to include phone, email and even online chat information if available.
  • What’s my call to action? Just by saying you have a product isn’t enough to compete in the online ad space. Be sure to give your customers a reason to click on the ad. Offer pricing details, free estimates, etc.

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