GlassCraft NP and WP Series Entry Doors

GlassCraft Door Company introduces on-trend New NP and WP Series of Steel Doors

Glass Craft NP SeriesGlassCraft Door Company expands its Buffalo Forge® Steel Doors product line with the release of its NP and WP Series of entry doors that meet customer demands for contemporary designs. The NP steel doors feature minimalist TDL bars that create narrow sight lines for a clean modern look. Ideal for contemporary and transitional architectural styles, the NP doors are available in a variety of door profiles, including single and double doors with square top, arch top and round top designs. The WP steel doors combine the look of a unique raised moulding detail with sleek TDL bars to complement both modern and classic designs. The NP and WP doors feature unique construction details, including a screw mounting system unlike the standard silicone adhesives used by other manufacturers. This secures and seals the glass panels more firmly in place, while allowing customers to replace them when needed. “It was imperative for GlassCraft to make the NP and WP steel doors with a differentiating advantage. It was not enough to respond to a trend, it was equally important to ensure that the doors are built better and at a great price point,” explains. GlassCraft Pres. John Plummer.

The NP and WP doors are available with 5 glass textures and 6 color finish options. GlassCraft Door Company is a proud Houston based business and a major contributor to making Houston a greener environment. GlassCraft Door Co. won the Texas Environmental Excellence Awards for Sustainability in 2014 and the Crystal Achievement Awards for Most Unique Innovation also in the same year.

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