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Glen-Gery’s Advanced Cladding Systems

Glen-Gery’s Advanced Cladding Systems provide advanced solutions for modern architecture and building construction. The Advanced Cladding Systems powerfully extend the options of designers, architects, and builders by providing products and solutions which extend beyond just the brick. Glen-Gery systems have been painstakingly developed to overcome antiquated limitations of space, time and budget while making installation easy. 

Included within Glen-Gery’s Advanced Cladding Systems are:

Thin Tech, a versatile thin veneer metal panel system suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It provides the warmth of traditional brick with strength and durability, utilizing patented ties for mechanical interlocking. Benefits include simple support, compatibility with continuous rigid insulation, superior drainage, and various size options to suit project needs. Additionally, it undergoes performance verification for water resistance, structural integrity, shear bond strength, fastener durability and corrosion resistance.

Tru-Brix, which offers versatility for both commercial and residential design, bringing classic brick aesthetics to contemporary architecture. It features a patented snap-in steel-rail design, holding the brick in place for a permanent mechanical attachment. In addition to brick, it can also accommodate cast stone, window sills and headers, accent bands, soldier courses, and a variety of creative features, shapes and designs not typically possible with other thin-brick methods. As a result, this expands the design palette to more building types. Tru-Brix Wall Systems are also less costly and feature decreased construction time.

Terraçade Ceramic Façade System, a ceramic façade system designed and crafted to appeal to both creative and practical applications. Terraçade has been designed to complement a diverse range of architectural styles, while the Terraçade system radically simplifies and speeds up the entire design and installation process. The complete Terraçade collection is prefinished and colorfast, meaning it will look as vibrant in 100 years as it does today.


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