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Glen-Gery’s New Summit Series

Glen-Gery, a premier brick manufacturer that is part of Brickworks North America, will launch its new Summit Series, a collection of long, linear bricks that create a captivating and rugged aesthetic, showcasing a rich tapestry of varied coloring. The interplay of earthy tones lends depth and character to the structure, while the uneven textures and irregular edges provide a tactile experience that speaks to the raw beauty of the material.

The brick’s dimensions are 3 ⅝” x 1 ⅝” x 17 ⅝”. It will also be available in six trending shades, including Rustique, Oyster Pointe, Sahara, Middle Plantation, King William and Royal Plum Full Range. 

The Summit Series will be a new addition to a portfolio of more than 400 brick products offered by Glen-Gery in order to give architects, builders and homeowners endless design possibilities while remaining style-forward. Manufactured at Glen-Gery’s Rocky Ridge Brick Factory, the Summit Series will also be available for purchase at 26 Brickworks Supply Centers and Glen-Gery’s vast distributor network across the U.S.


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