Go against the grain: Five ways TimberTech decking outperforms treated wood

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As lumberyards and home centers complete their winter buys and look ahead to another busy spring season, homeowners will again be focused on outdoor living space. Like last year, deck projects will be a top priority. While many builders are aware that composite decking is an alternative to treated wood, they may not be aware of the many recent improvements to TimberTech® composite decking that benefit both the builder and the homeowner. Here are five ways TimberTech innovation can outperform wood in your market.

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1. Price. It used to be that decking came in two categories: wood, and expensive. While composite decking grew in popularity for its use in higher-end deck builds, many contractors still viewed composites as too pricey to bid smaller-budget projects. But  rising lumber prices have closed that gap, and because composites require less maintenance, homeowners can actually save on long-term costs. For example, the cost of owning a TimberTech deck over 10 years is 19% less when choosing TimberTech® AZEK Vintage® over Ipe premium hardwood, and 16% less when choosing TimberTech EDGE® over pressure-treated lumber. TimberTech decking saves homeowners the stress and cost of long-term maintenance, with surfaces that won’t rot, warp, or splinter and don’t require sanding, staining, sealing, or replacing.

2. Appearance. TimberTech’s proprietary color-cascading technology delivers the most realistic wood look through natural color blending. TimberTech’s nature-inspired composite decking features more color options and woodgrain finishes than any competing product. Discover the design versatility available with TimberTech’s multi-width options—both wide and narrow boards— that add a touch of the unexpected and an element of style to your customers’ deck projects.

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3. Better Tech, Better Deck™.  TimberTech invests heavily in research and development and uses advanced technology to engineer environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing decking products. Key advancements include an Alloy Armour Technology in TimberTech AZEK engineered to resist stains and fading, and Mold Guard Technology in TimberTech PRO with capstock that goes under the board, providing premium resistance to moisture. TimberTech’s superior technology provides unparalleled performance, comfort, and safety to homeowners. Compared to competitors, TimberTech AZEK decks are more fire resistant, are up to 30 degrees cooler and provide up to 40% better slip resistance. TimberTech AZEK decking boasts the most advanced synthetic material technology — without the use of wood particles.

4. Sustainability. Engineered with majority recycled material, TimberTech uses up to 80% recycled material in capped composite decking boards, and up to 54% recycled materials in capped polymer boards. In 2020, the company diverted roughly 400 million pounds of waste and scrap from ending up in landfills. Homeowners choosing TimberTech have saved more than 1 million trees since 2015.

5. Warranty. TimberTech’s products are more durable and last longer than competitors, all while requiring less maintenance for homeowners. That’s why they’re backed by industry-leading warranties, such as TimberTech AZEK’s 50-year Fade & Stain and Limited Lifetime warranties.

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When it comes to recommending decking to both your contractor and homeowner customers, it pays to recommend TimberTech. It’s more durable, it lasts longer, and requires less maintenance than wood and has distinct advantages over competitive composite products. TimberTech’s environmentally friendly, innovative technology has developed a lasting product with the look of wood, including in-demand colors, textures, and safety features all backed by industry-leading warranties. It’s time to go against the grain and stock your lumberyard with TimberTech decking.

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