Going Platinum with Huttig-Guard

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Huttig is taking the guesswork out of deck fasteners with Huttig-Guard Platinum Outdoor Screws. No more guessing how long they’ll last; they’re backed by a limited lifetime fastener warranty*, so they’re guaranteed to keep their hold in any deck, patio or gazebo for years to come. That means fewer callbacks for your customers.

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They won’t have to guess whether or not they’re getting an innovative product, either. The entire screw has been engineered from head to tip with a focus on quick, easy installation without sacrificing holding power. Installers will appreciate the effortless drive and the smooth, even finish.

●      12-point star drive for quick, easy engagement

●      Double countersink flat head with nibs help prevent head pops and a smooth finish

●      Knurled shank that reduces drag for faster, easier penetration

●      Coarse, serrated threads bore through wood with less torque, less effort and less time on the job site

●      The type 17 long point for moving material out of the hole helps prevent costly splits

This all means time saved on the jobsite and fewer callbacks due to fastener streaking or failure. Plus, all Huttig-Grip fasteners, including the Huttig-Guard Platinum series, arrive on the same Huttig trucks you already count on for swift deliveries and top-notch service. Say goodbye to guesswork.

Visit www.huttig.com for more information!

*Visit huttig.com/warranty for complete limited fastener warranty details.


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