Grabber UltraPro wood screws


UltraPro wood screws by Grabber include Lox Recess, an advanced feature with eight contact points designed to allow more torque than other wood screws without slippage. The QuickGrab point engages and starts immediately into wood, said to make it easier to stabilize the screw and to drive off angle and into tight spots. UltraPro’s unique UltraCut threads are designed to clear out wood chips as the screw drives in reducing friction and binding. UltraPro’s DrawTite threads feature is engineered to pull wood members together as the screw seats, resulting in a tighter and more accurate connection. The Scavenger II spiral head design self-countersinks, even into hardwoods, leaving a flat flush surface, the company says, and its GrabberGard Gold coating includes a limited lifetime warranty against corrosion.

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