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Growing Upscale: Associated Building Supply, Inc. builds on California luxury

Thurber said that every customer needs to be qualified as a “good fit” for ABSi, which is the green light to move forward in the selling process. “The selling process consists of very valuable selling time, which is a precious commodity to our sales consultants who pride themselves in being selling machines rather than quoting machines. We like to say, ‘We don’t quote to quote, we quote to sell,’ ” Thurber said. “Time is money and making the sale is the primary reward of every quote we generate. When fairness exists and is agreed on, the selling process flows by doing the right thing for all parties. Fairness inevitably leads to respect, courtesy and consideration between all parties. From this basic tenant, lasting relationships will thrive.”

Associated Building Supply-4Because of those lasting, thriving relationships, Thurber said ABSi will continue to add talented salespeople to increase the business’s footprint. The ABSi philosophy is to hire talent before entering any new markets, not the reverse of that. Company plans are to get to $50 million in sales in the next two years in California, and then expand into national markets.

In 2015 the company added a new Luxury Production Home Division, to provide residential homebuilders and developers who build high-end production homes the same high-quality windows and doors as individual builder customers. The LPHD team provides project management, value engineering, product selection and application, jobsite field management and marketing and merchandising programs.

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“Moving beyond the Golden State is the long-term vision,” Thurber said. “It’s not going to be that difficult for us when we decide to do it. Our model is being fine tuned at this point. Replication in expanding markets is a scalable reality. We’re good business people; we know our employees are our key to success. Our strategic vendor relationships are such that we will expand according to their needs and desires. Success lies in a strong vendor supplier plan and partnership.”

Core Values are those beliefs that are not negotiable, central to the conduct of all corporate operations and the basis from which all decisions are validated. The single most important core value within this organization is our ABSi Fairness Doctrine: In the conduct of all our practices one requirement exists; If it is fair to both parties, it is correct.

  • We must treat our customers with respect and consideration and they must in turn, reciprocate.
  • We must treat our employees with respect and consideration and they must in turn, reciprocate.
  • We must treat our suppliers with respect and consideration and they must in turn, reciprocate.


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