Hines Supply to distribute Glenview Doors

Glenview Doors has partnered with Hines Supply to expand distribution of Euro entry doors. Euro Doors by Glenview are designed to resist common issues that typical solid wood front doors experience in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. The region’s climate is rough on doors. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, harsh winds, frequent rain, and heavy snow take their toll on wood. Exposure to the elements causes warping, splitting, and cracking, especially in entries with little to no overhang.

Pete Rood, a long-time Hines Supply outside sales professional, believes Euro technology from Glenview Doors is among the best options for Chicagoland entryways. “We chose Glenview Doors for our customers because the Euro construction removes problems associated with typical solid wood doors while maintaining all the benefits,” says Rood.

Euro Doors are engineered with an advanced composite technology designed to make them durable, stable, and insulating. Glenview’s door sandwich design includes stiles and rails made from solid European woods; an insulating core that guards against expansion and contraction; and veneers in Mahogany, American Walnut, and other fine woods. The result is a perfectly engineered front entrance that maintains the elegance and feel of solid wood but removes a lot of the common issues experienced with other solid wood products.

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Pat Briody, the General Manager of Hines Supply Wheaton, believes Glenview’s unique technology is a compelling value proposition for his builders, architects, and homeowners. “Glenview Doors’ ability to offer a warranty on a solid wood door without the need of an overhang, combined with their ability to ship within 10 business days, makes it a go-to for our outside sales teams,” says Briody. “It’s great. It doesn’t even matter if the entry has an overhang. A warranty like this is unheard of in our business. Plus, the doors arrive pre-hung and pre-finished. High quality, easy to install, very low maintenance. Our customers love them.”