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Hot Products from IBSx

While the 2021 International Builders’ Show (IBS) looked different this year, that didn’t stop manufacturers from exhibiting new products, with LBM dealers and distributors from throughout the U.S. learning, virtually, how to incorporate these hot new innovations into their product mix. Held virtually Feb. 9-12, IBSx set the stage for the latest new products and technology that impact your customers, from pro builders and remodelers to weekend DIY tinkerers. Just like a live builders’ show, IBSx featured a platform for LBM dealers to connect with manufacturers and builders to discover the products and tools that move our industry forward. Featured here are a number of products unveiled virtually at IBSx, as well as others released in conjunction with the show. As we do each year, the following pages include a sample of products that our team believes may help make a difference for you and your company moving forward. The listings are in no particular order.


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Feeney DesignRail Wood Grain finish

Feeney’s Wood Grain finishes for DesignRail Top Rail are available in three wood patterns—Cherry, Walnut, and Weathered Gray. All are designed to be realistic looking, and are suited for both exterior and interior applications. Designed with a durable, fade-resistant powder coat finishes, the finish offers the organic look of wood without the ongoing maintenance requirements. Available as a DesignRail custom option, the Wood Grain finishes adhere to AAMA 2604 coating specifications for impact and weather resistance, and color retention. The Wood Grain Top Rail can be mixed with any DesignRail frame color, including a range of standard or custom colors, and can match the wood used on the deck.


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Deckorators Trailhead decking

The all new Deckorators Trailhead decking was developed to offer quality and performance in an affordable, entry-level product. Designed with rugged undertones and colors inspired by the trail, Trailhead decking is introduced as a robust yet stylish option for deck projects. Features include natural embossing, subtle variegation for a real-wood look, and scratch-resistant polyethylene cap on three sides, through the groove. Available in Ridgeline, Pathway (shown), and Canyon colors. Backed by Deckorators’ 25/25/25 warranty.


Strong-Drive SDPW Deflector Screw

The Strong-Drive SDPW Deflector Screw from Simpson Strong-Tie is introduced as a premium structural fastening solution for connecting nonload-bearing walls to trusses and joists. With tested lateral-load ratings that meet building code requirements, the SDPW screw is engineered for strength, installation speed, and safety. Offset driver bits and a driver extension are said to maximize installation speed and safety while minimizing installed cost. The SDPW’s polymer sleeve allows for sliding during deflection, preventing squeaks. Retail packs include one offset driver bit and one 3/8″ predrill bit. Mini bulk packs include two offset driver bits and two 3/8″ predrill bits.

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LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier

LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier is now an APA Structural I rated wall and roof sheathing. With the addition of this product, LP Structural Solutions offers a full portfolio of framing and sheathing solutions designed to help achieve a tight building envelope. Backed
by LP’s 30-year limited warranty, LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier is designed to withstand temperature cycling and deliver consistent, long-term protection. LP WeatherLogic panels are built to help safeguard homes from water intrusion while allowing moisture vapor to escape. An integrated wall and roof sheathing solution, it combines both air and water protection with the increased structural capacity of a Structural I rating. The vapor-permeable membrane on the panel was developed to allow moisture to dry. LP WeatherLogic system is installed with AAMA 711-13 approved acrylic seam and flashing tape, and can be used with LP WeatherLogic Water Screen, a screen designed to drain water from between cladding and water resistive barriers, to maximize the moisture protection of a home. Rebates are available for dealers and first-time users.



MaterialsXchange’s digital marketplace was developed to provide real-time lumber pricing and product availability. MaterialsXchange is designed to be an easy to use, reliable way to efficiently buy and sell wood products. The company has included transparency measures to ensure that everyone gets equal access to the markets, saving both time and money. Users can log in to MaterialsXchange to bid on or offer wood products. MaterialsXchange then transfers the money and delivers the goods.


Fibrex Beadboard from Arauco

Arauco’s Fibrex Beadboard is a grooved panel that uses a precision-manufactured, high density fiberboard (HDF) substrate developed with the strength and durability desired for demanding interior applications. Offered with a groove pattern either 2″ or 4″ on-center, the wall covering is designed to add affordable style to any living space. According to the manufacturer, Fibrex Beadboard is easy to install and offered with a fashionable white paint finish, to be used as-is, painted. Made from recovered/recycled wood. Standard size is 48″ x 96″ and 32″ x 48″.


Palram’s PALIGHT PVC Trimboard

According to the manufacturer, PALIGHT PVC Trimboard in Smooth/Woodgrain is the only truly reversible trim in the industry. For LBM dealers, that means fewer PVC trimboard SKUs you need to carry, and still provide your customers with the same number of options. Smooth on one side, woodgrain on the other, both sides are shielded by EverClean Protective Film designed to make the product transport-ready—from distributor, to dealer, to the contractor at the job site. PALIGHT’S advanced core structure is designed for superior milling, routing, turning, bending, and other fabrication techniques. PALIGHT Trimboard is available in a variety of board and sheet thicknesses, corners, post wraps, window surrounds, bead board, pre-made profiles, and decorative mouldings.


Tando’s Cape Cod Perfection in Char color

Derby Building Products’ Tando brand has introduced a new Char color as the latest addition to the TandoShake Cape Cod Perfection line. Designed with a realistic cedar texture, Char emulates the trendy look of charred, burnt, or blackened wood featured in Modern Farmhouse décor trends. Tando’s Cape Cod Perfection shake in Char color is designed with a 5″ exposure with crisp edges to give it a realistic aesthetic. Cape Cod Perfection is available in five other solid colors: Mariner Blue, Classic White, Ashwood Gray, Slate Gray, and Wheat. Tando’s Cape Cod Perfection is said to be impervious to moisture and ideal for ground contact and roofline applications and has received a notice of approval from Miami-Dade County for high wind and impact resistance in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones.


Therma-Tru Walnut doors with direct set sidelites

Direct set sidelites from Therma-Tru have been developed for homes with modern design influences. Designed to add a subtle contemporary appeal to the entry with minimal detail, direct set sidelites are introduced to complement the new Walnut-grained flush entry doors. Sidelite options feature clean lines and simplistic design to create an airy, open feeling in the home. Constructed with two panes of tempered glass built directly into the door system frame for enhanced safety and performance, direct set sidelites feature a Low-E coating to deliver energy efficiency, while helping prevent early fading of home interiors due to the sun’s damaging rays. Designed as part of the complete Therma-Tru door system, the direct set sidelites are engineered with craftsman precision for an optimal fit and are included in Therma-Tru’s comprehensive door system warranties.


Trex Hideaway One-Step Installation Tool

Designed for increased installation speed and accuracy, the Trex Hideaway One-Step Installation Tool is said to cut decking installation time in half. Developed for both professional builders and DIYers, the tool activates fasteners and streamlines the tightening process. The Trex Hideaway One-Step Installation Tool holds the fastener at a 40º angle to keep the leading fastener lip down—allowing users to install the fastener in one step. Built with a rotatable handle, the tool comes with a star-drive bit located on the underside. The Trex Hideaway One-Step Installation Tool can only be used with Trex Hideaway Universal Fastener system. It will be available in April.


WinterGuard Metal from CertainTeed

CertainTeed Corp. offers its WinterGuard Metal roof underlayment for metal, shingle, slate or mechanically fastened tile roofs. Designed to be self-adhering and slip-resistant, WinterGuard Metal is developed to be unaffected by high temperatures caused by sun
exposure during installation or when placed under metal roofing. WinterGuard Metal is designed to combat elements such as clogged gutters, high winds, and ice dams that cause water to accumulate on lower sloped roofs, which can cause damage. The product is waterproof, designed not to rip, and seals around nails driven through it.


Boise Cascade SawTek Cutter Plus

The SawTek Cutter Plus is an automated EWP positioning system developed to be customized to meet a wide range of customers’ needs. According to the manufacturer, the Cutter Plus can provide many of the added benefits of its Pro system at much lower cost. The base system provides the ability to position material to +/- 1/4″ for precision cutting or hole routing. Other standard features include: Integrated safety interlocks, Versa Saw operator interface, SawTek production analytics, and more. The SawTek Cutter Plus can be configured with multiple options, new from the fabricator, or added as the customers’ needs change. These options include: manual router, automated router, 20″ upcut saw, and infeed and outfeed material handling stands.

FastenMaster Fascia Fastening Systems

FastenMaster now offers Cortex and TrapEase Fascia Fastening Systems, designed as innovative solutions to properly install composite fascia with great finished looks. Cortex and TrapEase Fascia Systems are packaged complete including the counterbore tool, which allows for expansion and contraction designed for delivering long term performance. FastenMaster’s Cortex for Fascia offering comes in all Trex Transcends colors and is said to create a virtually invisible finished look. The TrapEase Fascia System comes in 18 colors. Both products can be shipped immediately and stocked at Lumberyards around the country.


ThermalTight panels

ThermalTight combines two essential building envelope materials into one panel: Neopor GPS (graphite polystyrene) rigid insulation by BASF, and a vapor permeable WRB laminated to the exterior of the foam for good drainage. ThermalTight panels are designed to be a water barrier, air barrier, and continuous insulation all-in-one panel that allows vapor to pass, so the building stays dry. The product features a patent-pending flap system said to eliminate the “reverse shingle” common with panel systems that require taping on top of seams. By adhering the WRB to the outside of the rigid foam, the manufacturer says ThermalTight creates one of the most effective air and water barriers for the building envelope. Installed with ThermalBuck window buck, the ThermalTight System is designed to eliminate thermal bridging in the wall assembly and serve as a true continuous insulation solution.


ECi Spruce

Spruce software is industry-specific and designed to help operations improve productivity, control costs, increase profitability, and remain competitive. Spruce is cloud-based with an intuitive interface. Built with comprehensive document management functionality, all transactions are automatically linked. Spruce also offers the Spruce AnyWare mobile app, where employees can capture proof-of delivery, submit orders, receive inventory and more. Spruce ProLink is available in a browser or mobile app, and allows customers to access their account information, make payments, and place orders online.


Fortress Pergolas

Fortress Pergolas are built using the company’s Evolution steel deck framing. The interlocking joist and ledger system is designed to provide clean lines with a modern Black Sand powder coated architectural aesthetic. The steel deck framing is dual-layer protected, and built to resist fire, corrosion, twisting, insects, and rot. Developed as an answer to rising lumber costs, Fortress Pergolas are said to be a more durable, cost-effective building solution.


GPS Insight’s Driveri Smart Camera

Driveri is a dash camera that automatically reviews, analyzes and reports on what’s happening on the road every second to determine who’s at fault when incidents occur. Driveri also rewards driver for safe behavior, provides drivers with information to self-coach through its mobile app, and provides live alerts when drivers are distracted.


Paradigm Estimate

Paradigm’s new service, Paradigm Estimate, is built to eliminate the tedious, time consuming, and error-prone work associated with material takeoffs. Paradigm Estimate is designed to accelerate and simplify the estimating process by automatically examining blueprints and generating detailed takeoffs and marked up plans. The program allows users to customize takeoff parameters such as waste factors or set up SKU-matching to tie the
takeoff to a company’s point-of-sale system.


Humboldt Sawmill FSC certified Redwood and Douglas-fir timbers

Humboldt Sawmill offers Forest Stewardship Council (FSC C013133) certified redwood timbers in 6″ and larger dimensions, up to 12″ x 24″, and lengths up to 24′. Redwood timbers are ideal for outdoor living structures, pergolas, arbors, porch posts, and driveway entrances, and more. Humboldt Sawmill also offers FSC certified green Douglas-fir timbers for post and beam construction in 6″ and larger dimensions, up to 12″ x 24″, and lengths up to 24′. Stock is available in rough or S4S.


MAX SuperSider

The MAX SuperSider CN565S3 is designed with a slim contact arm that helps the tool to drive each nail straight and flush into the material. The tool’s contact nose is said to allow for precise placement of every nail, even in hard-to-reach places. An anti double-fire trigger prevents multiple nails from being fired in one shot. To move between bump fire and single fire mode, no adjustment to the tool is necessary. The patented, self-cleaning, maintenance-free end cap filter captures foreign substances before they can enter the tool and automatically ejects them when the air hose is disconnected. The no mar contact tip is designed to reduce the appearance of driver marks around the nail head and on materials.


AZEK Shingle and Board & Batten with PaintPro Technology

Made from a state-of-the-art proprietary engineered polymer, AZEK Siding options are designed to deliver the classic beauty of popular styles with the performance and low maintenance benefits of rot-proof PVC building materials. Offering rapid paint dry times that the manufacturer says provides superior paint adhesion, and a painted finish designed to last without needing frequent maintenance, AZEK Siding options can be installed with no
special tools and maintained without the need to seal cut edges for protection from water intrusion. Paired with Class A Rated Flame Spread Index and industry-leading warranties, AZEK Shingles and Board & Batten are designed to provide aesthetics to improve home value, and protect the value over time.

Fiberon GoodLife Cabana

Fiberon Good Life Decking’s new color

Part of the Escapes Collection, Good Life Cabana is a multi-chromatic greige hue. Cabana was designed to pair well with a wide variety of Fiberon products and developed to stay cooler in direct sunlight compared to darker colors. The Good Life Escapes Collection includes a palette of multi-tonal colors designed to resemble exotic hardwoods. Good Life composite decking features an authentic wood look with distinct grain patterns, protected by a three-sided cap layer that resists staining and fading.



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