How dealers can leverage technology to create customers for life 

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Custom home builders are master multi-taskers. In most cases, they do not operate like traditional construction companies. Custom home builders need to do more with less. Typically, they do not have unlimited resources to buy multiple software solutions, nor can they always hire people to do their administrative work.

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They also have to spend time completing takeoffs and estimates which do not always result in won work. They usually resort to sourcing this work to people also invested in the business, like family members. Custom home builders are the ones who benefit most from cloud-based construction technology to assist them with their workload and processes.

Dealers often say that when builders go to them for help with takeoffs and estimates, the information is not organized and is usually a bunch of spreadsheets or hand-written on paper. This disorganization causes the dealer helping the builder to have to spend more time and resources on completing the takeoff or estimate, which could take a few weeks to complete. Some dealers have moved away from offering that service and outsourced the work to a third party. The dealer would be more likely to tackle the job if the custom home builder organized their data since it would not be as time-consuming.

When a custom home builder is organized and presents it neatly to the dealer, the dealer’s job is exponentially easier. This is a win-win situation for all parties involved, since the custom home builder will be able to enter all of the required information into the cloud-based software solution quickly and accurately.

In turn, the dealer will be able to complete the takeoff and estimate up to five times faster, without compromising the accuracy of the estimate. Accuracy is of utmost importance when it comes to construction cost estimates, since it will determine how much money the custom home builder will end up making on the construction project. Underestimating the total cost will result in the custom home builder losing money on the construction project and over estimating might lead to them losing out on a project because the custom thought it was too pricy.


Custom home builder data provides insight for dealers to better serve builders in the future

Buildxact is an all-in-one, cloud-based estimating and project management platform that helps construction professionals be more efficient and increase revenue. One of the most valuable uses of Buildxact for dealers is to leverage the data custom home builders are providing to better serve them in the future. Custom home builders create their estimates, plans and other essential information they use for their construction projects, like material quantities. Once a dealer has compiled enough data, it can leverage it to better prepare for the future or even make recommendations for builders. Dealers can provide good substitutes or offer more recommendations to custom home builders if a building material is not available.

It could even go a step further and the dealer can provide the custom home builder with materials estimates based on previous similar projects from other custom home builders. Once a network is established, the data accumulated will help all the parties involved make better decisions and work even faster and more efficiently. Dealers will be able to offer ideas or suggestions based on their previous experience and work.

Taking it a step further, with the information at their disposal, dealers would be able to shed light on when peak season for certain materials is during the year to preemptively warn custom home builders that there might be shortages of certain materials. It could even help alert industry professionals across the board that there is a widespread shortage of a certain material or even sound the alarm to a greater threat, like a supply chain crisis.

Dealers are not just in the business of offering their building materials to custom home builders. They see dealers as a source of knowledge, subject matter experts they can go to for advice and best practices to help a custom home builder’s business grow.

Technology helps speed up the work, allowing dealers to help more customers

The beauty of a cloud-based construction software solution, like Buildxact, is that it speeds up the workflow and opens up the dealer for many more opportunities. While most custom home builders complete their own takeoffs and estimates, there are still some that do not do them on their own. Custom home builders often outsource doing construction takeoffs and estimates to an estimator, team member or to a dealer.

When a dealer uses Buildxact, they too are able to complete construction takeoffs and cost estimates for projects more quickly and accurately. When a dealer’s employees do not have to spend hours, days or weeks working on a single takeoff or construction cost estimate, they are able to take on more work, which ultimately means they can help more customers. This is music to a dealer’s ears since it means that it is generating more revenue and creating loyal customers.

Spending less time doing takeoffs and estimates means more time to dedicate to supporting customers

The reality for every business is that when employees focus too much on one area, it means that the business is neglecting another area that also requires attention. However, this will be a thing of the past once construction technology software is adopted. Estimating and project management software helps a dealer’s employees complete construction cost estimates and takeoffs faster, so they can spend more time on other tasks and responsibilities that require attention.

When dealers give their employees more time by providing software solutions that help make their jobs easier, they can find new ways to generate revenue to the business and better service their customers. The extra attention provided to customers goes a long way in helping customers feel appreciated, which helps to foster customer loyalty.


Work smarter, so you do not have to work harder

Dealers must serve as partners to custom home builders. Construction technology allows a dealer’s employees to complete construction estimates and takeoffs faster without compromising accuracy. What the employees do with the additional time is what will make a significant impact for a dealer.

Dealers should utilize the additional time and leverage the technology to truly form a meaningful partnership with custom home builders. Dealers should take the time to listen to the custom home builders and offer support and guidance to help them succeed. In the end, the more successful a custom home builder is, the more they will do business with the dealer who helped them succeed.

Set your dealer up for success by freeing up employees’ time by empowering builders to do their own takeoffs using Buildxact. Adopting construction technology helps everyone work smarter and not harder. Buildxact will serve as a partner, offering unlimited training and customer support to ensure your team is set up for success. Your team can use the time earned back by truly becoming a custom home builder’s partner and offering advice, best practices and setting them up for success.

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