How ProWood® is Changing the Game

ProWood - LBM Journal - Product Spotlight - July 2022

ProWood Treated Lumber recently introduced new black end tags with a focus on education and choosing the right lumber for specific end uses.

ProWood®, the innovation leader in pressure-treated lumber, recently introduced new, simplified product designations and corresponding end tags. The new approach is being established to help professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners confidently choose the proper treated lumber for their projects.

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The Black Tag Breakdown

Be a resource to your customers by educating them on these three commonly used ProWood treatment designations:

ProWood Light Duty: Represented by a white bar, it’s made for non-structural projects that are easily replaced and maintained.

ProWood Above Ground: Represented by a gray bar, it’s best suited for elements that are easily replaced, maintained, and installed at least 6 inches above the ground.

ProWood Ground Contact: Represented by a green bar, it’s most widely used as general treated lumber for above ground, ground level, and freshwater applications.  It’s especially suited for structural project that are not easily replaced or maintained.

For more information and the complete list of end use designations, visit:

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