How to install vinyl siding in half the time with Rollex

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Vinyl siding is a popular choice by homeowners. It’s durable, readily available and usually comes in a wide range of colors. To your clients, it’s a no-brainer choice.

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But historically, vinyl siding has been a pain to install for contractors. It can be thin and floppy, so you need a big team to be able to hold those long panels in place. With the current labor shortage, finding enough skilled labor to hold the panels into place until they are nailed down can be a challenge.

And the panels don’t always lock together easily, so adding one on top of the other can be difficult. Plus, no matter how talented your team, if the vinyl siding’s hem doesn’t protect the nails, they’ll be ripped off in the first bad storm of the season, resulting in angry calls from your client.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could suggest a vinyl siding to clients that solved all of your installation issues, helped you install it FASTER and still provided homeowners with the color range and affordability they wanted?

Rollex has the answer.

The Rollex solution: Horizon Vinyl Siding

Rollex recently released a new siding collection: Horizon Vinyl Siding. Horizon not only meets the needs of homeowners (durable, beautiful colors, maintenance-free), it also meets what professionals installing the siding need.  

With Horizon, you can install vinyl siding in half the time.

Enhanced thickness

The first installation issue Rollex wanted Horizon to address was the floppy vinyl of the past. With other vinyl siding lines, you need two, three or even four people to hold a long panel in place, so you double or triple labor hours and costs.

With the enhanced strength and locking mechanism of the Horizon line, both of these issues are removed. Now a single person can hold an extra long panel into place with one hand, while the other nails it into place. Or for shorter panels, a single person can hold the panel, lock a second into place and nail them down with no extra hands needed. Now there’s no more time or money wasted searching for extra help for what should be a quick and easy job.

Perma-lock system

The Horizon line tackles another issue seen by installers: panels slipping out of place before they can be nailed down.

To counter this, Horizon panels are created with an advanced perma-lock system. This ensures the panels remain in place both when being nailed down and afterward. There’s no excessive shifting causing misalignment, gaps or unevenness during the installation. It stays where it’s supposed to so you can keep moving quickly and efficiently, while still allowing for normal expansion and contraction during temperature changes.

Safe-lock, reinforced nail-hem

Is there anything more exasperating than finishing a siding installation job on a Monday, having a severe storm blow through on Tuesday, and getting a call on Wednesday from a client who has had parts of their siding blow off and are blaming you for shoddy installation?

If the siding didn’t have a reinforced nail-hem with safe-lock, it’s probably happened to you before. With Horizon, the nail-hem is protected and reinforced, able to withstand gale-force winds. So even if a storm blows through during installation, you won’t have to waste time reinstalling what you’ve already spent hours nailing into place. You can be confident that what you put up, will stay up.

Scratch resistance

Have you ever had a team put up several panels of siding only to realize that they have scratches from being rubbed against by someone’s tools or walked over by a work boot?

Replacing scratched siding eats up valuable installation and labor time, not to mention wastes product and decreases your profit margin. To counter this issue, Horizon panels are scratch resistant, saving you from ruined panels.

Want to save time and labor on installation?

With current labor shortages, every worker makes a difference, both to your bottom line and the length of the job. If you want to install vinyl siding in half the time, you need a product that is strong with a durable locking mechanism (able to be installed by one person), durable (won’t scratch or crack by accident), locks into place (so you don’t end up with gaps or unevenness) and won’t fall off in a stiff wind (costing you time and money in repairs).

With Rollex’s Horizon Vinyl Siding line, you’ll get the benefits you need to install faster, easier and better. And your clients get a long-lasting, maintenance-free home exterior that will have them recommending your business to everyone they know. Now that is a true no-brainer choice.

For more information on how Horizon siding can save you on installation time and costs, contact Rollex today or check out our website.

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