Huber Expands Production Capacity

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Specialty products manufacturer Huber Engineered Woods (HEW) announced this week that the company will increase production capacity through a contractual Huber Engineered Woodsmanufacturing agreement with Arbec Forest Products Inc. The agreement establishes the opportunity for HEW to produce its ZIP System® sheathing at Arbec’s Quebec, Canada facility.

“We have seen a strong start to 2016 in our industry and are optimistic for continued growth in the coming years,” said HEW President Brian Carlson. “We are making arrangements to augment capacity as part of our ongoing commitment to keep pace with the growing needs of our customers for AdvanTech® and ZIP System products.”

All specialty products manufactured under the agreement between HEW and Arbec will be stamped and sold under the HEW brand.

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“In the coming months, we will collaborate with Arbec to help set processes and procedures in place to ensure the consistent quality and reliability of HEW products our customers have come to expect,” Carlson said.

Source: Huber Engineered Woods