Huber’s ZIP System building enclosures

For easy-to-achieve, continuous air and water barriers in roof and wall assemblies, ZIP System sealing solutions include acrylic seam sealing and stretchable flashing tapes, as well as fluid-applied options. This year, Huber Engineered Woods, makers of ZIP System products, is announcing six new tape sizes and an enhanced formula allowing flashing tapes a wider range of application temperatures. Expanded flashing options, when building ZIP System building enclosures, makes locking out water and air easier in hard-to-flash areas like pipe penetrations and roof valleys, the company says. With an expanded list of size and length options, teams can find the right high-performance tape for each application. Enhanced ZIP System flashing tape formula benefits include: Now warranted for application from 0˚ to 120˚ Fahrenheit; 180-day UV Exposure Guarantee; Acrylic bond continues to strengthen over time.

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