Huttig Delivers the Most Complete Mix of Wood Screws for Indoor Projects

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Our Huttig-Grip™ all purpose wood-to-wood screw is not just another gold drywall screw. Our screws are designed specifically for use with wood:

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  • 12-point star drive provides better engagement and more torque
  • Flat head with nibs creates fewer head pops and a smoother finish
  • Coarse, serrated thread cuts through wood effortlessly and requires less torque 
  • Type 17-point drills its own hole and is easier to drive into hard woods 

Plus, Huttig-Grip all purpose wood-to-wood screws are made from a heavier gauge wire, which means fewer breaks and greater holding power.

Faster, easier installation, enhanced holding power, and a shiny yellow zinc finish all add up to the ultimate wood-to-wood screw for interior wood-to-wood applications. Huttig-Grip screws are available in a variety of sizes and packaging options to fit every project type and size.

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