ICC Approved Window Flashing Tapes

ICC-Approved-Window-Flashing-TapeMFM Building Products, a manufacturer of a full envelope of waterproofing and weather barrier products for the building industry, is proud to announce that three of the company’s window flashing tapes now have ICC Approval, Evaluation Report ESR-2783. WindowWrap® PSX-20, WindowWrap® PowerBond™ and WindowWrap® White meet the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Flexible Flashing Materials (AC148), IBC and IRC 2015 standards. These flashing tapes also comply with AAMA 711, as a result of independent, third-party testing.

Each of the three WindowWrap® products are 25 mils nominal thickness, self-adhering and self-sealing around fasteners to create a waterproof bond. These easy-to-use flashing tapes are compatible with most building and window materials, and prevent the infiltration of water, moisture, air and noise penetration into the building structure.

WindowWrap® PSX-20 is a patented, aluminized multi-layer polymer film tape that has a UV exposure of 180 days. WindowWrap® PowerBond™ has the same composition as WindowWrap® PSX-20, but features a patented PowerBond™ adhesive system that aggressively adheres in temperatures as low as 25°F (-4°C), while remaining stable at elevated temperatures. WindowWrap® White is a multi-purpose waterproofing tape composed of a white polymer facer.

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