High Concept: Metsä Wood Reimagines the Empire State Building Made of Wood

Concept: Empire State Building Made of Wood
At a New York roundtable discussion of lumber industry influencers Tuesday, June 2, Metsä Wood unveiled the second in its Plan B concepts, which envision iconic architectural designs constructed out of lumber.

The Empire State Building as imagined to have been constructed of wood was a partnership between Metsä Wood’s material and construction experts, architects from Michael Green Architecture (MGA), and Eric Karsh from Equilibrium Consulting.

MGA’s Asher DeGroot presented a growing body of research and existing projects that argue the feasibility for constructing tall buildings out of wood. Metsä Wood presents their vision in a fully interactive concept site. Here is just an example. Visit the site for complete details and concept art.

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Phase 1: Concept Planning

Phase 1

The challenge in the Phase 1 Concept Planning phase is to design a wood building five times taller than any that had been constructed before, using LVL engineered wood panels.

Keep an eye on Metsä Wood’s site as they continue to release more information about the technical design phase.

The Empire State Building isn’t the first iconic structure to undergo Metsä Wood’s vision. To challenge preconceptions of wood construction, the Plan B projects explore the possibility of wood as a basis for important, recognizable buildings. The first case was the Roman Colosseum.