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DeckLok Fasteners

The DeckLok advanced lateral anchor from Screw Products (A) strengthens vulnerable connections between deck components by adding a bolted attachment at critical locations. It meets or exceeds code requirements for lateral pullout and rail-post stability. The company also offers the RailLok rail-section connector (B).

Under Armor

Just as important—and perhaps even more so—dealers must support builders and remodelers in their quest to improve safety, and part of that is understanding structural fastening needs.

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“Building pros are always concerned about the liability of the substructure,” notes Christiansen. “In saltwater/corrosive applications it’s critical because it’s not just aesthetics—you don’t want your fastener to degrade over time. They’re definitely willing to choose the correct fastener because there’s a lot at stake.”

One thing to keep in mind is section R507.2.4 of the 2015 International Residential Code, which now includes prescriptive details requiring installation of connections to transfer lateral loads from the deck to the house structure.

The MiTek USP Adjustable Deck Tension Tie (ADTT) meets these needs, exceeding hold-down device requirements. The ADTT’s design accommodates multiple deck joist depths, adjusting up to 4-3/8″ during installation. “It’s one of those products that when guys see it, they are intrigued,” says product manager Brent Kreutzer. “And then when they see it in action, with its adjustability, they get it.”

MiTek also is launching a new Pro Series, 1/4″ structural wood screws with a Hex, Washer, or Bugle head design. The screws require no predrilling and can be used as a replacement for lag screws.

National Nail recently added a 5/16″ option to its structural screws, an option for installers who prefer a beefier alternative to traditional 1/4″ screws for post attachment and other applications. Along with coated and dacrotized options, National offers regularand marine-grade stainless steel.

For railing safety, Screw Products offers DeckLok, a lateral anchor with a three-fold design that bears the brunt of force instead of the wood if the railing is hit. The person on the deck knows to stop, that something may fail, and the bracket can be replaced.

Simpson Strong-Tie is preparing to release a new deck connection and framing guide that gives the installer, the homeowner, and the dealer guidance on deck framing connections and code compliance. For a homeowner or remodeler, it shows what types of things to look for when inspecting a deck to make sure it’s safe—where to inspect and what code says you need for a safe, strong deck. It will also detail the different products Simpson sells that help comply with the latest building code.

And, of course, dealers, pros, and consumers can refer to the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) for a range of deck safety resources, including checklists and inspection guides, at

MiTek/USP tension tie

The Mitek/USP Adjustable Deck Tension Tie exceeds hold-down device requirements per 2015 IRC, Section 507.2.4. Its adjustable design accommodates multiple deck joist depths and minimizes the need for additional blocking.

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