IN DEPTH: Roofing Systems

The market also is expanding with new niches, such as for garden sheds, according to Mike Maddern, segment manager at LP Building Products. LP offers sheathing aimed at this market that bonds the foil to the wood, which avoids flaking or peeling of the material. It also has no branding elements on the face to create a clean surface.

“It’s a small, niche market with potential for dealers,” he says. “We’re developing programs to help grow the market. Its uses can expand into garages, barns, garden houses, backyard offices, any type of basic shell building without a finished ceiling. Radiant-barrier sheathing is growing in popularity, and that’s helping its growth with sheds. It’s a value proposition, and the value that we can add is in aesthetics.”

Market expansion is possible, notes Weyerhaeuser’s Scott. “Our biggest challenge and opportunity is to encourage production builders to see the benefits. City codes sometimes help with that as they try to encourage energy-efficient homes.”

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The roofing market clearly is expanding, with a variety of new products and growing awareness of the value of installing a complete system of products. Ensuring customers know the value of these interrelated products and are current with new options gives dealers more chances to ensure customers buy the right products

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