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EDCO steel roof
Longevity is a Key Issue

Longevity has especially become a consideration for homeowners. “Durability is more of a concern today due to past weather events,” says Maria McDonagh- Forde, director of marketing communications at CertainTeed. “People are seeing these events develop around the country, so they’re asking about impact resistant products. Insurance companies are also helping spread this awareness by offering discounts.”

“Homeowners better understand the value of withstanding high winds today,” Owens Cornings’ Burkett says. The concern is highest in areas prone to hurricanes and tornadoes, “but people in less wind-prone areas also are considering it to achieve peace of mind.” Homeowners in high hail areas such as the southand north-central regions and in Colorado also are looking closer at options, CertainTeed’s McDonagh-Forde notes.

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Durability starts with an upgrade in underlayment materials, says Andy Spyhalski, vice president of the Building Materials Group at PrimeSource. “Durability is an important factor. Exposure times with synthetic underlayments are longer, and that’s a benefit during construction or if the shingles come off during a weather event.”

Many contractors see the advantage to upgrading to the next step, says Alan Hubbell, North American marketing manager for the residential building envelope at DuPont. “Many contractors are switching to our RoofLiner product from using a #30 felt because it provides more benefits. For contractors using a #15 felt, it’s a bigger step, so it’s easier to convert those already using the #30 felt.”

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