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The Warranty Issue

As a result, product warranties are becoming more prominent, and each impacts others in the system. “Warranties are of growing interest to customers, especially as durability becomes a bigger issue,” DuPont’s Hubbell explains.

“Some companies try to differentiate themselves by extending their warranties longer. As asphalt-shingle warranties get longer, out to 30 years, we want to be sure our underlayment can match that durability.”

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Warranties need to be examined closely to ensure they provide what is expected, ABC’s Tighe says. “Product warranties are becoming more important, but they can be touchy when comparing companies, because it can be difficult to compare apples to apples. You have to be careful that the same conditions are being warrantied under the same circumstances.”

Selling a complete system that provides an overall warranty can offer a compelling benefit, CertainTeed’s Mc- Donagh-Forde says. “Homeowners are looking for a roofing system that covers all aspects, including attic ventilation, underlayments, shingles, all of it. Homeowners understand the value of an entire system once it’s explained to them. That’s not a stumbling block.”

Warranties can make the roof system an easier sell, Owens Corning’s Burkett adds. “If a system is sold, it can have a system warranty to protect it. We train our contractors to educate their customers. We want them to gain an understanding of the sale of system components rather than considering it something that slows down the sale. It helps create a better conversation during the sale, and it can help differentiate them from their competitors.”

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