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Sustainability Gains Popularity

Sustainability also has gained popularity. “Sustainability is a growing factor for roofing products, especially for properties requiring some type of green certification,” GAF’s Avitabile says. “But the homeowner doesn’t demand or value that specifically. We still develop green certification for our contractors, which includes recycling programs. We haven’t seen a large push yet toward one specific brand due to its recyclability or recycled content.”

Owens Corning works with shingle recyclers in more than 65 cities, ensuring local recyclers meet its standards before partnering, explains Burkett. “We want to be sure the shingle regrind material is properly being used, like in paving applications. Homeowners have a desire to have a green or sustainable home, but they didn’t know how to address that desire with roofing products. Many of them naturally feel good when they understand that old shingles can be recycled.”

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Metal roofs too promote their sustainability attributes. “Sustainability is gaining traction,” Metal Sales’ Nolte says. “Metal roofing is completely recyclable, and steel is the most recycled product on Earth. There still has to be an effort to make homeowners aware of these sustainability factors, but we are gaining publicity from the commercial side of our business, as more green and NetZero buildings are built that have metal siding and roofing on them.”

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