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Homeowners look to aesthetics as the driving force in their purchase choice, but other factors, including long-term performance and maintenance needs play key roles.

Aesthetics play a dominant role in the choice of siding materials and the shapes and colors selected. Those choices are becoming more complex and varied. But as homeowners expand their budgets to personalize their homes more, they’re also looking to receive more value through better performance and fewer maintenance needs. Manufacturers are meeting these demands with a more diverse palette of colors and more features.

“Homeowners want lower maintenance, traditional appearance, durability and color options,” says Glen Frazeur, eastern regional sales manager for Allura. Adds Ralph Bruno, president of Novik, “There are three drivers for siding choices: aesthetics, each of which play a key role in any decision; cost, but it can’t look cheap; and low maintenance.”

Allura Fiber-Cement SidingAllura fiber-cement siding from Plycem, under the Elementia umbrella, features an advanced pH-balanced formula, which is said to hold color better upon field application. It allows for painting up to six months after installation, while ColorMax solid and semi-transparent finishes from PPG Paints can be applied in the factory. An Easy Trim locking system speeds installation.

Materials + Colors
Consumers are willing to spend a little more to create a distinctive look, manufacturers agree. “Homeowners are mixing materials more often,” reports Jerry Blais, senior vice president of marketing for the Siding Group at Ply Gem. “They’ll use a variety of materials and colors to create a richer exterior, adding stone, board-and-batten siding, shakes, etc. They’re mixing both colors and textures. We’re well positioned to take advantage of this trend, as we make all of those products.”

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