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Trim Options Growing
Homeowners are recognizing the value of well-designed trim on a siding project. “Trim packages can make a huge difference in the look of the home,” says Ply Gem’s Blais. “Sometimes a perceived drawback to vinyl siding is that the trim options aren’t very aesthetically pleasing.”

The expansion of PVC trim options has encouraged more personalization. “We see a continued strong move to cellular PVC trim pieces,” says Tapco’s Wierengo. “They’re being used much more on fiber-cement, engineered-wood and vinyl siding, and companies are adding more cellular PVC trim to high-end jobs. The number-one giveaway of a vinyl-siding job is the j-channel. Customers want to conceal it in some fashion or upgrade so it’s not visible. They want to hide it however they can to make the home’s siding look more natural.”

Treated-wood usage also is growing, says Woodtone’s Pidlisecky. “It’s being used for exterior corners, windows and other trim locations. There’s often a mix of wood trim with fiber-cement siding.” Color choices are evolving, he adds. “We’re seeing more light colors used as contrast to darker siding colors. Multiple colors often are being used. One face of a building can have as many as five or six colors on it.”

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The installations are becoming more complex too. “Accessories are being installed in new ways,” says CertainTeed’s Kirn. “Many now use hidden fasteners that are installed first, with the trim pieces snapped into place over them. That way, you don’t see the screwholes and don’t have to touch them up afterward.”

Cedar SidingCedar siding offers the beauty of real wood while providing durability, as it’s naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks, according to the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association. The wood is pitch and resin free, so it can accept and hold a wide range of finishes, including dark or semi-transparent stains. It comes in a wide range of dimensions, textures and grades.

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