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Industrial Wood Technology releases Apex Fortified Lumber

TYLER, Texas- Industrial Wood Technology (IWT) now offers APEX Fortified Lumber, its new thermally modified lumber product that is stronger, lighter and more stable than treated lumber and other lumber products, while still being resistant to rot and decay.

APEX has all the benefits of pressure treated lumber with none of the chemicals. The thermal modification process used by IWT removes all the attractants and nutrition sources that allow mold, insects and other organisms to grow on and cause the decay of normal lumber.

“Innovation was the founding principle of IWT – it’s what brought us Blackwood and it’s what has driven us to revolutionize the trailer decking industry again with APEX,” said Kyle Gillin, president of IWT.

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Along with trailer decking, IWT plans to produce residential and commercial decking, siding and trim products under the APEX product line. For trailer decking, APEX offers a cutting-edge solution to the problems that come with traditional trailer decking options.

“APEX solves the never-ending issue with trailer decking of shrinkage, which causes boards to warp and bust through the fasteners on trailers. With APEX, there’s no more of that. These boards are stable,” Gillin said.

With APEX, faded and gray trailer decks are a thing of the past.

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“APEX also addresses the issue of trailer decks fading in the sun before they are ever sold. With our coating, you won’t have to worry about sun-fade while the trailer is still sitting on the lot.

I’m excited for what this does for the trailer industry and the solutions we’re able to provide to problems that have plagued this industry for decades,” Gillin said.

IWT is partnering with ATW to provide APEX as a top-of-the-line trailer decking product for the company’s trailer brands, PJ Trailers and Big Tex Trailers.

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“We’re thrilled to partner with IWT on the revolutionary APEX decking,” said Marc-Andre Dubois, Senior Vice President of Marketing at ATW. “This is not just an innovation; it’s a game-changer that our dealers can stand behind, and their customers can rely on for years to come.”

“Any opportunity we get to partner with an organization as great as ATW and its historically strong brands, Big Tex and PJ, in the trailer industry is tremendous. This partnership allows us to carry out our mission of taking today’s lumber products and making them better for tomorrow. Through our partnership with ATW, IWT will become the largest producer of thermally modified lumber in North America,” Gillin said.

IWT and ATW have worked collaboratively for multiple years to bring this product to life.

“It’s taken a lot of work from both sides to make this happen,” Gillin said. “We’re all fired up to finally get this out to the market.”

APEX will be standard equipment on all Big Tex and PJ equipment, tilt deck, deckover, gooseneck and car hauler trailer models in the coming months.

“The introduction of APEX decking is a landmark moment for ATW brands,” said Blake Womble, Senior Vice President of Product at ATW. “Its 10-year warranty says it all: we’re delivering unprecedented quality and durability, and that directly benefits our dealer networks and their customers.”

The thermal modification process makes APEX stronger by densifying the cellular structure and lighter by removing the moisture content from the lumber. Once the lumber reaches the target moisture content, the cellular structure is locked, making APEX more stable and eliminating twist, warp and crook. APEX is ideal for any application that requires strength, stability and chemical-free resistance to rot and decay.

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