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Introducing the Recruit + Retain Podcast

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about recruiting, hiring, and holding on to top-tier talent at your LBM business, chances are your research has brought you to Rikka Brandon. Maybe it was a column in this magazine, a webinar, blog post, or social media entry, an appearance at the LBM Strategies Conference, or her book, “Hire Power: The LBM Edition.” Rikka is quickly building a reputation as a leading recruiting and retention expert for our industry, and that’s why I’m very excited to be working with her on a new podcast.

Rikka and the LBM Journal team launched the Recruit + Retain podcast in February to reach a growing portion of our readership who are streaming and downloading podcasts on demand. Rikka has a wealth of content to share and there’s so much more than we can fit into a monthly column. The podcast platform allows Rikka to go beyond sharing her expertise in her regular magazine column. On each bi-weekly podcast episode, she’ll interview guests and dig into how some of the most-respected companies in the LBM space have found success in recruiting and building successful teams. She’ll also talk to seasoned LBM pros who will share the pivotal moments of their career paths that led them to leadership positions. Already in the first episode Rikka accomplishes both of these objectives when she speaks with Jim Sobeck of New South Construction Supply in Greenville, South Carolina. Jim not only shares the story of how his career led him to New South, but he also lets listeners in on his company’s hiring, training, and retention practices that have made New South a Best Place to Work in South Carolina.

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Podcasts aren’t new to our audience; we know this because of the success of the podcast we launched with Rick Davis last fall. The LBM Sales Podcast, hosted by Rick Davis and sponsored by DMSi, has been streamed and downloaded thousands of times. We’ve heard from listeners who have downloaded episodes to be shared with their entire sales teams. Because of the value that I know listeners have found in the LBM Sales Podcast, I’m certain that Rikka Brandon’s Podcast will become a favorite on the playlists of hiring managers and jobseekers alike.

Even if you’re not currently hiring or looking for a career move, I recommend you give the Recruit + Retain Podcast a listen. Rikka’s way of analyzing and simplifying the complexities of company culture will make listeners reflect on their workplace values and will motivate them to excel in their role while lifting up the team around them. As with any content we produce here at LBM Journal, from the print magazine to our website and from webinars to live events, none of it could be possible without the support of our valued partners. I want to personally and publicly thank the folks at Key-Link Fencing & Railing for sponsoring our new podcast. They have a great company culture story of their own and I look forward to Rikka Brandon sharing that story on an upcoming episode of the LBM Journal Recruit + Retain Podcast. As for where to find the podcast, it’s everywhere you are. Check out, or search for it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon, or most any other audio content service.

— James Anderson

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