Kapro Laser Level

The 873G Prolaser Vector Green Laser Level from Kapro is comprised of a green beam
with a wavelength that is said to be more easily detected by the human eye to see than
a red beam. The 873G Prolaser Vector Green Laser Level includes three Laser beams
(one horizontal and two vertical beams with 90-degree intersections); a self-leveling
range of ±3 degrees; manual mode for angular layout/tilted marking; visual and audible
“out of level” warning; tripod accessibility with 1/4″ thread. Kapro’s patented adjustable
folding legs, for angle mounting, are designed to provide higher stability and make it
possible to use the level without the need of a tripod. When folded, combined with its
shock-resistant rubber casing, the legs create a protective frame developed to make
the product more resistant to damage in the field.


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