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Keep hardwood deck, siding, fence, and furniture looking great for years

Hardwood decking has a warmth that is incomparable to any other decking material. The trade-off is higher maintenance because regional weather conditions can take a toll in just months. With hardwoods lasting well over a decade or two, utilizing the correct finish is extremely important.

That’s where Ipe Oil and WiseCoat finishes come in, providing a layer of protection that can keep your hardwood deck, siding, fence, or furniture looking great for years.

Ipe Oil has been designed as an oil-based finish incorporating a brown semi-transparent tint to accent the natural wood grain of most hardwoods. As an oil-based product, the natural oils present in the wood accept the finish evenly for an even coating. Ipe Oil produces a silky satin finish that after drying, has a beautiful rich tone of light brown enhancing the all-natural hardwood grain and is available in two low VOC formulas. This finish is specifically formulated to protect and preserve the natural beauty of exterior hardwood decks providing excellent penetration of even the densest hardwoods with minimal raising of the grain, protecting and conditioning the wood while maintaining a completely natural appearance.

WiseCoat, on the other hand, has been developed with a semi-transparent amber tint. Because of its advanced water-based formula, this finish soaks deep into the wood fibers—at the cellular level—producing a matte finish. The amber tint will not drastically change the natural wood color as it enhances and protects the surface as well as being a low VOC, non-toxic waterproofing sealant. It is specifically designed for use on all types of South American exotic hardwoods such as Ipe, Teak, Mahogany, Cumaru and Tigerwood as well as American hardwoods and most types of thermally-modified wood species.

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