KLEERWrap 10″ post wrap

Kleer Lumber added a 10″ post wrap to its line of KLEERWrap porch and column wraps. The post wraps, also available in 4″, 6″, and 8″ options, encase existing treated posts to create a finished look without the long-term maintenance hassles of wood. Each wrap comes with three sides preassembled; the installer applies adhesive to the joints of the three-sided piece and secures it around the wood post, then “snaps” the fourth side into place and fastens. Completing the custom look are KLEERWrap Outer Wrap Sets, which are milled to fit precisely around the post wrap to form a cap and base, and accompanying KLEERWrap Bed, Crown, and Base/Cap Mouldings. Like Kleer trimboards, KLEERWrap post wraps are made with expanded cellular PVC, offering the look of wood while remaining impervious to moisture and insects. They are backed by a limited lifetime warranty against splintering, rotting, delamination, and swelling. www.kleerlumber.com

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