Kodiak Acquires Zarsky Lumber

“Growth and progress,” is how Paul Hylbert described Kodiak Building Partners’ acquisition of Zarsky Lumber on Wednesday. The Kodiak chairman said growth opportunities are the reason why his firm acquired Zarsky Lumber.

Hylbert sees those opportunities both in the Texas markets where Zarsky’s 10 locations currently operate and beyond. “It’s all positive. Zarsky has been in South Texas a long time, nearly 90 years. For them it means capitol for growth and progress.”

The deal was announced late Wednesday in a joint statement released by Kodiak and Zarsky officials. In the statement, Cally Fromme, CEO of Zarsky said, “The partnership with Kodiak offers many new opportunities for our customers and our employees. We anticipate a very bright future for all parties involved.”

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Hylbert said that he was happy to be working closely with Fromme, a high-profile in the LBM industry, who has served as chair of the National Lumber and Building Materials Dealers Association (NLBMDA) and president of the Lumberman’s Association of Texas and Louisiana.

Hylbert said Fromme will continue to work with Zarsky Lumber, but will also serve business development role with Kodiak. “She’s an outstanding young lady and a good businessperson,” Hylbert said. Zarsky leadership will also fall under the guidance of Phillip Steffy, who was promoted to president at Zarsky.

In Wednesday’s statement, Kodiak CEO Steve Swinney said, “We look forward to working with the excellent Zarsky team, supporting their business and continuing to grow with them in Texas. “We feel we can leverage the Zarsky name and reputation and do more to serve their strong customer base in South Texas. Most importantly, the Zarsky key management team including Cally, Phillip Steffy, Steve Weaver, and Travis Fromme will continue with the company under the new ownership structure.”

Hylbert said that he looks forward leveraging Zarsky’s operations with other Kodiak properties in Texas that make up part of the 21 Kodiak locations around the country. “We have several operations in Texas. Now we can get a cooperative relationship going between those to improve and enhance Zarsky’s business with the other company relationships.

Wednesday’s news comes just two weeks after a major announcement of a deal between Builders FirstSource and ProBuild, followed by news that that USLBM Holdings was for sale.

Kodiak and Zarsky parties indicated that the deal is subject to normal closing conditions and should be consummated by the end of the second quarter.