Koppers MicroPro Wood Treatment Technology awarded ratings from Global GreenTag International

GRIFFIN, Ga. — MicroPro Wood Treatment Technology from Koppers Performance Chemicals has achieved excellent ratings after undergoing two independent third-party assessment processes by product certification body Global GreenTag International.

“The Global GreenTag certification designates good health, and the MicroPro Wood Treatment Technology has achieved a Level A, the highest score, under Global GreenTag’s GreenRate product sustainability certification system. Additionally, MicroPro has earned the Global GreenTag GoldHEALTH rating, along with a Product Health Declaration (GreenTag PhD) — an impressive result, positioning the product in a class of excellence. Consumers can be confident that this product is safe to use,” says David Baggs, CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag.

“Koppers Performance Chemicals is the first and only company to have a wood treatment technology certified by Global GreenTag. These achievements further confirm that Koppers is committed to producing wood treatment technologies that meet market demands for responsible products,” says Todd Greer, Koppers Performance Chemicals Director, North American Sales and Services.

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Koppers provided GreenTag with the ingredients of its product and toxicity information. As a result, MicroPro Wood Treatment Technology is now recognized by the U.S. and Canada’s health-focused International WELL Building Standard under the International WELL Building Institute equivalency requirements, which formally recognizes certification programs and particularly its Product Health Declaration (PhD program), Koppers Performance Chemicals said in a press release.

According to Baggs, the release said, the GreenRate certification system assesses the sustainability of a product in relation to human and environmental health and social responsibility, whereas GreenTag’s PhD program “does a deeper dive into the health impacts of a product’s life cycle.” A PhD assessment looks at the health impacts of a product’s ingredients from manufacturing to a final assessment of the health-related effects of a product in use in an average healthy population. “The GoldHEALTH rate mark that MicroPro Wood Treatment Technology received is the assessment of the product in use and is considered an excellent result,” Baggs said.

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