LandMarke Builder’s Vinyl Architectural Columns

LandMarke Builders ColumnThe LandMarke Builder’s Column from Fairway Building Products continues FAIRWAY’s commitment to provide innovative residential and commercial architectural columns. A new column base plate (sold separately*) allows contractors to safely install the column from a variety of connection points. Because the thick vinyl extrusion supports the header weight without an inner support the column can be easily sized in the field using common tools and blades. LandMarke Builder’s Columns handle a maximum axial load of 17,136 lbs.** with a mounting uplift plate load of 1,750 lbs. and weighs in at just 41 lbs. For more information please visit

*The 8.4″ Builder’s Straight Round Column Attachment Plate & Trim Kit includes Two (2) Attachment Plates, Two (2) 2-Piece Round Builder’s Column Trim, Eight (8) Attachment Screws.

**Load bearing capacity is dependent on the concentric loading of the columns. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure proper application and use of data, relating to design, dead and live load, wind, snow, seismic loads and safety factors.

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