LBM Groups From Michigan, Indiana Merge

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LBM groups from Michigan and Indiana have merged to form the Midwest Building Suppliers Association, the new group’s board of directors announced Thursday. The merger between the Michigan Lumber & Building Materials Association and the Indiana Lumber & Builder’s Supply Association became effective Monday, Aug. 31.

Merger plans were originally announced in May. Then it was noted that Michigan and Indiana were some of the last single-state organizations to not yet have merged with nearby state groups.

“The merger of these two prominent associations, each having been founded in the 19th Century, brings about increased member services, financial efficiency in operations, and overall cost savings to the member building material dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors,” the MBSA statement read.

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Timothy J. Murphy, CAE, who serves as Executive VP and CEO of the new organization said that members of the individual organizations can expect even more from MBSA after the merger.  “Clearly the increased membership allows for bigger, better programming for our members, while delivering critical business services and programs,” he said via email Thursday. “Additionally, the increased opportunities for meaningful professional networking bring this essential function to a broader audience.”

“Most state associations in the building materials industry have merged with neighboring states to provide economy of scale, and improved member benefits”, said Joseph R. Collings, the association’s President. “Our focus has been and will be to continue to provide the services we all require within our daily businesses.”

In addition to Collings, the MBSA Board of Directors includes Bryon Bernard, Bernard Building Center, Hale, Mich.; Julia Collings, Ferguson Lumber, Veedersburg, Ind.; Mike Dystra, Zeeland Lumber, Zeeland, Mich.; Matt Everitt, Andersen Windows, Carmel, Ind.; Kenneth Lehman, Big L Lumberland, Sheridan, Mich.; Roger Vanderheide, Lumbermen’s Inc, Grand Rapids, Mich.; and Mark Zemrowski, Von Tobel Lumber, Valparaiso, Ind.

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