Learn insider M&A secrets at LBM Strategies Conference 2019

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LBM Strategies Rieple Wagner
Ted Rieple, left, and John Wagner will present M&A Update: Insider Secrets for Successful Deals in Today’s Volatile Economy at this year’s LBM Strategies Conference.

This year’s LBM Strategies Conference, held Sept. 18-20 in Austin, Texas, will feature an inside tips for successful deals in today’s volatile economy.

LBM Journal columnist John D. Wagner, and his business partner Ted Rieple of 1st West Mergers & Acquisitions, will share how a pending economic slowdown might impact company valuations in today’s red-hot consolidation market. Often, a “fine line” separates a successful deal from one that falls flat, or a sky high valuation that thrills sellers vs. a price that’s totally unacceptable.

At LBM Strategies Conference 2019, you’ll learn from the experts how to navigate the top deal-makers…and deal-breakers, all backed up with real-world examples. You’ll take away strategies for achieving top values from acquirers, and learn how to prepare now for optimizing financial performance for whenever you plan to sell.

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Presenters and panelists at LBM Strategies Conference 2019 include LBM industry veterans, up-and-comers, innovators and thought-leaders, all willing to share their strategies and successes to help you build your business.

The schedule at the LBM industry’s premier conference is just the right mix of powerful, practical content and opportunities to network and reconnect with old friends while forging fresh connections with LBM leaders from across the U.S.

Learn more at lbmstrategies.com and remember to register by August 15 to save $100!

Plus, bring three people from your company, and the fourth attends free!

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